Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let's Talk Good Programs

http://www.YourNintendoWii4Free.com/index.php?ref=4651306 My Current Site For A Free Nintendo Wii.

http://www.getref.com/index.asp?id=DRHARTT05 My Current "Traffic Tool" To get people to go and complete the offers.

Now that that is out of the way.....I thought I would Take a look at the Programs you Usally see at 99% of those Free Console/Items Websites.

These programs I found are the easiest to finish and cheapest to get credit on (sometimes free!).

First Up

Stamps.com -------------This is the program I Used and it is Highly Recommended
Credit Card Required Free Trial

This is a common "Free" Program to join. Stamps.com could be useful if you send alot of mail. When you sign up you need to put a Credit Card on the account so be forewarned. All that aside when you sign up you get $5 of free postage that you can print out with your home Printer. After 4 weeks the site will kick in and start charging you. It is just a phone call away to cancel the account. 1-888-434-0055 I beileve is the number to call to cancel your subscription. Be sure to cancel the account after 3 weeks to keep credit on your account and not be charged by the company. I called them to cancel my account it was really easy to do.

I would definitly recommend this offer on all the sites you find it on.

Cost: 9.95 Credit Card Required
Gamefly.com is really cool. I am probably going to be signing up for this soon. A friend of mine has it so I did a little research on his account. Upon checking the Requirements for credit I saw that you must queue a game up and remain a member for 7 days. So after that period of time you can go right the gamefly website and cancel your account right over the internet. This online feature really makes this program worthwhile. There is a cost but you might actually think its worth it and stick with the Service... I know I will Games are awesome. They have a really good selection to.

I would recommend this program if you are willing to try it out and pay a little for it.

Free Trial Credit Card Required
Netflix.com is really cool Especially if you are a movie fan. I think thier current selection is over 90,000. Netflix is another one that can be canceled online. This is the main reason this is a recommended website.

However it might take as long as 22 days to get credit according to Transcendent Innovations. So this one might go over the Trial Period so be Careful!


Needs lots of information. Free Trial
"Well I was shopping for a new car which ones me..." haha those commercials on TV are funny I laugh everytime I see them. This Program is also another popular one on free offer sites. The drawback on this is that they are doing a credit check and it does take a while to fill out the beginning application. This site is trusted by hundreds of thousands with thier information on credit and money. So there is no need to worry about Identity Theft.

Other than that this is a good program because of it is easy to cancel right online and you can get credit for a site on this program in the same day you fill the form out.

These Programs are all pretty good. Stay tuned for later blogs about more programs and more tips and tricks on getting your free console!


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