Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to get the most from

Get Ref is a site online to help you get Referrals for Programs. So This is a good place to start to find people to complete offers on your Free Console.

There are some rules and different random things on Get Ref. I think I will start with the basic ways to get credits on the site.

Joining Programs.

Programs are the basis of People Post the programs they need people to join and once you sign up they will give credits to you. There are alot of Programs so I thought I would show you a couple. -- A social network like Myspace that pays
Yuwie is a great one because you can get an easy 7 credits on average.
Other Pay to click sites --- These sites are the best for credit on Getref. People just need refs for Paid to click sites to work. In turn they give a good amount of Credits away for each of these sites for as little as signing up and clicking some ads for a bit. You might even want to stick with the site until you get payed out...but that is up to you.

Clicking Links for Credits.
Clicking links is an easy way to get credits on GetRef. Basically you just click on a link and view the website for 15 seconds. Its that easy. The points you get are not much but add up. I watch TV and click links. Basically I have the link page open all day and click randomly throughout the day until I get sick of it. It really works very nicely.

These are just some outlines for good ways to get Credits to spend on your Referrals on

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