Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crazy Idea I just got for you all

So I decided today at 1am that It would be cool for YOU the Readers to get a chance to GET A FREE Wii!

Heres How it will work. Basically anyone that signs up under me on here will get thier Referal link posted to ALL my blogs ALL my sites that promote my blog and my Yuwie Page and my Squidoo Lens for a whole 1 week! 1 week!

all you have to do is complete the Free Nintendo Wii program and I will work with YOU to get your own console! If you ever think your alone in doing these programs I will help you directly!

just finish the program and I will email you when you go green on


One man gathers what another man spills... said...

hi, you just left me a comment, those earthship homes are in new mexico by an architect named Michael Reynolds. I encourage you to watch his documentary Garbage Warrior you would love it. thanks for dropping my blog :)

Crammarc said...